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    Posted by Hard Core on June 2, 2016, 11:12 pm, in reply to "Re: Property taxes!!"

    I don't understand why they even bothered with a vote in the first place, when they had the power to get what they wanted without it. They thought if they could convince us that we had a choice and were ignorant enough to actually pass it with a yes vote, they could try to blow smoke up our a$$ making us think this whole thing was OUR idea and they wouldn't come out looking like such a$$holes, but they couldn't have been more wrong!

    This is an old, little, dirty steel mill town, that no longer produces steel, jobs, or any basic opportunities other than a career in the fast food industry. Who the hell do they think they are fooling? People are running from this city, and the ONLY people heading toward it are the middle to upper class of Venice and Madison, only because this city is a half a step above where they are coming from.

    This town and it's local government and it's township(s) are damn near as bad if not AS bad as the government at the federal level, and we all see what they have done for the state of Illinois. The residents of this city should ban together to see if they can remove whoever is in charge of calculating these property taxes for the city! There has to be some sort of recourse the residents can take other than arguing to get their properties re-evaluated. The person who sets these prices and believe any house in this area should pay a dime over a couple thousand bucks a year to own a house in this town, needs their damned head examined!

    Now they are saying that the Cahokia school district is so broke they will not be able to re-open their schools after the summer break. Any guesses where all those kids will be bused to? Just how many, if any more at all, can our school district take on and keep their school doors open? The people of this area are going to have to wise the hell up, take a stand and not just sit around waiting for election time in hopes for change that NEVER comes.

    A start in the badly needed change could be to dissolve all the townships and reassign duties. Look at the amount of money that would save the area. No more salaries, no more pensions, no more full family healthcare insurance premiums, no more building expenses. That could be a huge savings and a great place to start the savings.

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