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    Posted by Opie2 on May 13, 2016, 7:42 pm, in reply to "Re: Thank you, but NO thank you!"

    Once again MilkToast taking on stupid projects while allowing our national defense crumble. There's a word for him but I would get banned for using it.

    HC is correct. Those little Obama girls will never have to worry about something like this. They'll have armed guards surrounding the door at potty time.

    Remember, this is not just about trans gender. He's saying anyone who feels they are in the wrong body may go to the restroom where they feel most comfortable. Bull Shi*. Be comfortable at home then. School boards DO NOT have to follow this decree from the WUS. His spokesperson later today said they are only making the suggestion.

    Companies like Target who are crumbling to this liberal crapola make me sick. I stated before and I will again. If my daughter or Mrs. O. are using a public restroom, I will be outside the door. If any male tries to enter, I will politely suggest they wait. If not, I am prepared and will do whatever I deem necessary to keep that twisted soul from opening the door.

    I don't like Trump. I think he's a loose cannon but I will vote for him, send him money, pass his literature and do whatever else I can to keep Hillary from continuing the work of this moron who now occupies the oval office.

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