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    Late night bike riders Archived Message

    Posted by workoutgirl on May 3, 2016, 11:04 pm

    In the past few years I know there have been a number of people who were riding bikes that have been hit by cars. I think in many cases it is not the fault of the driver that the person got hit.

    I drive home after dark (midnight) and have encountered several people on bikes. Most of them are wearing dark clothing, have no reflectors or lights and are riding in the middle of the street. I am following the law, driving the speed limit, paying attention yet I have come close to hitting these idiots several times because I cant see them until I am within a few feet of them.

    I am wondering if I am going to be charged when I end up hitting one of these folks who cant seem to figure out that we cant see them. Its summer and I know I will be encountering more and more of these folks.

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