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    Posted by Hard Core on May 3, 2016, 6:53 pm, in reply to "Re: Best Article I've read about drumpf yet."

    "No need to build a wall, take their benefits away. If you are here illegally, no food stamps, no public aid, you are on your own. It's really that simple."

    No, it's not that simple. On their own, is not nearly enough. They would adapt and still take cash under the table jobs in order to keep funneling that money back into their own country to their families. They would fill the emergency rooms of every hospital for everything from a hang nail to a common cold. We would STILL be paying for this one way or another. If not through happily handed out benefits, through emergency care, doctors, hospitals etc.

    I say build that wall and build that fu*ker high! Will it be paid for directly from Mexico, I highly doubt it. Will it be paid for indirectly by Mexico, you bet it will. The billions of dollars our country will be saving by not housing, feeding, providing medical services to all these people, the wall will pay for itself in no time and create jobs while doing so.

    After the boarders are secured re-write our bleeding heart laws that allow these people a free pass from finding a way to enter or re-enter illegally. After the Trump rally in California and the media showing snip its of the Mexicans spitting at our police officers and flipping police cars, throwing rocks etc. at anyone who resembled law enforcement or a Trump supporter, that was enough for me. Some simple headed bleeding heart saying, "these people have the right to be angry". I see it far differently, these people have NO rights at all.

    How do you think Mexico would handle American citizens sneaking over the boarders into their country, trying to disrupt and interfere with their election process? How do you think they would feel about or handle American citizens rioting in their streets, vandalizing and assaulting their citizens and law enforcement?

    They have to laughing their asses off over how we treat their citizens that sneak over our boarders. They probably think that if we are so damned stupid to not only tolerate it, but reward it, we deserve to be treated and disrespected even worse than we are now.

    Yeah, I say enough is enough. Time for someone with some back bone and balls to run this country!

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