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    Posted by Hard Core on April 25, 2016, 4:55 am

    I've heard it all, and if I hear one more time "haters gonna hate" or the word "bigot", I think I just may puke!

    All rules out the window. How dare anyone expect people now days to follow rules or guidelines, because it just may offend someone. Let me tell you what offends me.

    It offends me that people refer to the once Bruce Jenner, as a hero. I am offended that the knobby kneed, size 13 pointed toe pump wearing liar, can live a lie as a father, and a husband and make an ass of his wife by sneaking in her closet and the closets of their daughters, to parade and primp in front of a mirror, laughing behind the backs of everyone who knows him. All the while thinking to himself, in his words "boy do I have a secret".

    This hero is so admired over trading in his jock strap for a pair of lacy panties, that he also gets a free pass on killing his neighbor while texting and driving, because he is such a "brave" person that he/she is being named woman of the year.

    I'm offended by the likes of Whitney Houston and other "stars" over dosing or meeting with an untimely death and the media gives them 24-7 news coverage for days if not weeks. Tribute after tribute while inconsolable people gather in the streets to create a shrine, while daily our service men and woman are losing their lives, with barely an honorable mention.

    I am offended by our President causing the biggest divide our country has seen in decades. His defending the BLM movement and making sure he is up front and center to mention his black brothers and sisters like Whitney and Prince. Where was Glenn Frey's shout out? What about Merle haggard, he was entertaining far longer than Prince or Whitney, no shout out from the President there either. I can't imagine why (joking)

    I'm also offended by the anything goes generation of half wits who feel that modesty and privacy and discretion are an over rated, out dated concept of "old people". If your packin a schlong and wish you had a vagina instead, keep that sh*t your own business. Nobody wants to know! If you kept your big mouth shut and did not advertise that fact, you could use the bathroom of your choice and guess what, nobody would know the difference. If you once had a schlong and had gender reassignment surgery, guess what, you could use the bathroom of your choice and nobody would know the difference.

    But, now we have bred out a generation of anything goes and if you don't like it, you're a hater. Just enough of these idiots have screamed a fit, that businesses are actually being forced to take a stand on this bathroom issue. It's not enough to have a "family" bathroom, it's not enough to have a "gender neutral" bathroom. They are demanding to use the bathroom of their choice. What is even more disturbing, is there are handful of men and woman who think this is perfectly fine.

    I think this is nothing more than an open invitation for trouble. A gender neutral bathroom offends nobody, so why is this an issue? I have a big problem with my wife or my daughter or my granddaughter going into a bathroom and any man being within his rights to stroll right in behind them. Do I have a problem with transgender people? No. Do I think that transgender people are pedophiles? No. But I do think that pedophiles and men with less than honorable intentions will take advantage of this situation or new rule. I have used a public restroom in the far corner of a store, in an area with nobody around as far as you can see. What kind of a chance does any young girl, or a teenage girl, or a grown woman stand when using the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with her pants pulled down, against some 200 pound 6 ft tall man if he decided to attack? After all, with this new rule of being able to use the bathroom of your choice, nobody can say a word about seeing a man follow a woman or a child into the bathroom.

    This is ridiculous. If you are transgender and look like a female, just use the woman's bathroom without any sort of declaration or attention. If you start making your personal business, everyone's business, then you may have a problem. It's real simple, enter and do your business and exit. But it makes no sense to take away the privacy of the women who still want it, by allowing men to enter into their bathroom or fitting rooms. You could not and would not catch me entering a woman's bathroom. Part of that would be the way I was raised, and another part of that would be respect. The last thing I would want to do is to make anyone uncomfortable, myself included.

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