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    Posted by whatusay on April 14, 2016, 11:36 am, in reply to "No More Dress Code"

    All my children are grown with children of their own. But when mine were in school it would have been GREAT to have had the uniform policy.

    School clothes shopping would have been a breeze, no major dressing decisions on a daily basis and from the look of the prices for the pants and polo shirts...it would have been a lot more affordable.

    With that being said, I occasionally pick up some of grandchildren and I must say, even under the existing policy most of the kids still look slouchy and an outsider would surely not realize they were wearing uniforms.

    As far as the staff, the school board needs to negotiate a more professional dress code for them at contract time. Push back when they throw a fit...let them strike because they can't wear yoga pants.

    I would love to see the "tail wagging the dog" stopped when the new contract negotiations commence. We will see how much of a spine the board has when the time comes.

    In the big scheme of things, what the kids will be wearing is immaterial I suppose, but the teachers are paid employees and should be required to comply with the dress code that is negotiated for them.

    Honestly, I am just grateful that we haven't had local news media exposing another scandal in our system. I'm sick of all of us looking like uneducated morons in this town.

    I'm still surprised after the failed tax resolution push of last year, that people didn't give a flip about the raises handed out within a month or two of it's failure. And how it was conveniently buried and intentionally convoluted in the district's website under the guise of "salary adjustments". Funny how they did that! I wonder if any of those adjustments included a decrease in salary?

    Heck, my rant has went off course. Uniforms or not, let's just get them motivated and educated. And the parent's responsibility in that is equal, if not greater, than the district's. Just my opinion.

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