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    Posted by poor ol elroy on April 9, 2016, 11:01 am, in reply to "Re: Let's make a deal"

    is the shy falling again, poor ol elroys take is as follows. The city bought property in a whole different dispensation financially speaking. At the time the property was well wortth the 74 thou paid. whole different ballgame now. that ship has sailed. I had a property at 2504 grand that I paid 65 thou for in 2006. One night at 9pm a neighbor called, said my house was on fire, what should he do? I said wait 30 min and then call the fire dept. lol, the property had a sale value of about 40 thou on a good day. I went to the scene, starting crying, the fireman and police were trying to console me, i explained that they were tears of joy. Now on another note, I think nothing was done underhand, the city needs to buy Brenda a birthday cake every week for her doing us all a great big favor. Dont we have enough homeless shelters? We all ought to get more involved in our city, trying to better it before this ship goes all the way under. Im going to conciling right now trying to be talked into puttine 200k into the block of 1800 grand, someone get a gun and shoot me. When you see Brenda, grab her hand and kiss it like she was the godfather.

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