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    HELLO EVERYONE FINALLY..... Archived Message

    Posted by Sandy S on April 6, 2016, 7:27 pm

    Yo this is Sandy S aka Sandy Castor, Carson City, Nevada 89705. I have been very ill since November (actually) 2014.....I almost died last summer, Sepsis,too many infections got in my body for whatever reason..,.My weight dropped this last May 2015 to 80 pounds,,,,,not a fun time. I AM NOT READY TO GO JUST YET. HAHAHA I have been so sad I couldn't correspond, forgot how to sign in and the ladies were so supportive. I left message at the top of the page, so disregard them, I answered OLD QUESTIONS, JUST LIKE MOI..
    left a void in my heart not corresponding with my Granite City friends,,,,,,Ciao. x0x0x0

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