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    Posted by machine_easy2 on February 16, 2016, 5:24 am, in reply to "Re: This Election"

    a successful businessman and multi billionaire

    A "successful" businessman, gets a much better return on his investments. If my dad gave me the money Trumps dad gave him, (also the private school upbringing, name recognition, and getting installed as the the CEO of daddies company...) and I wasn't worth more than 5 times as much as Trump is now, I'd feel like a failure. If successful, he'd make Bill Gates look poor.

    While the promises most politicians are making these days would do little to fix things, even if they went from rhetoric to policy, they are going to work better than what Trump has done. The US is a nation state, I don't think we can just get a good deal in bankruptcy 4 times, like trump did. Thats his record. I'm paid in dollars, the concept of money breaks down when it's backing nation isn't solvent.

    You are talking about a man, who has done all the things we dislike our politicians for. Greed, corruption, market manipulation... the list goes on. You are claiming he is somehow better for behaving as a politician, whilst not being one, until just recently. At least most of the politicians are deluded enough to actually think they are helping some how. Trump is callus enough to do the same things, elusively for personal gain, and think somehow thats the high road. I bet the average meth addled gay prostitute has a better moral compass.

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