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    Re: St. Louis Attorney Slams Kroenke in Super Bowl Ad Archived Message

    Posted by GCAI on February 11, 2016, 1:50 am, in reply to "Re: St. Louis Attorney Slams Kroenke in Super Bowl Ad"

    what I still can not get over is. Kroenke knew he did not meet the guildlines to move the team & the whole leauge knew he doesn't meet them but, Jerry Jones made his friend happy & flashed his money to the other to vote in getting Rams out of St.Louis.

    Also Jerry Jones is to blame for all of this he had to build At&T Stadium in a sub of Dallas,& Kroenke is like thanks Jerry I have some push now. When the Dome was built it was the state of art shrine of football, but did we know that 8 new stadiums will be built.

    There was nothing wrong with the Edward Jones Dome nothing at all but, Kroenke wanted $700million upgrades that will close the dome for 2 years to do them the CVC said, "We don't have that money to do the upgrades you want" they made a good offer for $245million but the Rams turned it down. It went to arbatration & they said $700million is need to upgrade the dome. You know what really happen? Kroenke flashed his money & paid off the federal arbatrators we all know he did & that is against the law.

    So, what really went down? A greedy owner wanted out & got his way with help with his greedy & rich friend(butt buddy & boyfriend)& now we have no team. I hope Stan Kroenke gets hunted for the rest of his life by Georgia Frontiere cause he broke his promise.

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