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    Posted by Sandy S on February 3, 2016, 10:12 am, in reply to "Re: CANNOT SIGN IN "

    Sooooo glad this BLONDE was finally back on with all my friends. This set back of illness has taken a tole on MOI, however, not for long. Nothing is going to put this ole lady down just yet. haha
    Also, i broke my neck (always something) and have a fractured C 2 vertebra wearing a neck piece. I teased the Dr, I would prefer the plastic part of this color be PINK OR LAVENDER, HA HA He said "Sandy I will see if we can find one for you"...haha STILL WAITING Now I am hooked up to a :Stimulator" that send whatever to help fix the fracture. My husband Jim goes with me every time so he can get the correct answers, haha I forget them, Dr. talks to fast. haha
    So will be letting you know soon how I am doing, love you all friends, Sandy SIDES Castor, Carson City, NV 897805 I am on Facebook, however, haven't updated for a while. x0x00x0x

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