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    Posted by formerGCian on January 29, 2016, 5:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Granite City Ten years from now."

    NextStl doesn't create any ideas. It's a web site started and maintained by Alex Inhen for the purpose of keeping interested persons informed on architectural preservation and new projects in St. Louis and surrounding areas (and even other cities, as examples of what might be good here, too). Alex is active in the popular urban living movement and is in contact with many city planners, developers and organizations of such. He presents not only the good, but the bad. In reading the comments it's easy to see that.
    Sorry you don't like the bike paths. They're very popular in other successful urban areas.
    As far as the Ead's bridge sidewalk, I think it would be an excellent "seed"...sure to be used by engineering and architectural students and professionals...and visitors interested in it and the history of St. Louis. Besides, it provides an excellent view of the St. Louis skyline and arch. That might be interesting to photographers.
    As a side note, there's even serious talk of restoration of downtown East St. Louis, which was posted on NestStl (haven't read it yet myself).

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