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    Ode To A Township Archived Message

    Posted by Poetic Justice on September 18, 2014, 11:16 pm

    Our little old township just might going down,
    Lots of little secrets are about to be found.

    Rugs gonna disappear, no place to sweep,
    All will be found, some will lose sleep.

    Gift cards, gift cards, a sweet little scam,
    Iím untouchable you fools, donít you know who I am?

    Iím the top dogís little chippy, I do as I please,
    Why follow the rules when I can get on my knees?

    Insurance is expensive at the end of the day,
    Unless you come up with a sneaky way to pay.

    All underhanded, yet approved on the sly,
    With my special transactions by the head honcho guy.

    Me, punch a time clock? Youíre out of your mind,
    If I do then the truth will be too easy to find.

    By now you should know just how special I am,
    Bogus lawsuits and thievery, Iíll never be canned.

    The cop and the chief and the paid lawyer too,
    Know all about it and just let it slide through.

    All part of the network, the ones in high places,
    Secret deals, special treatment for a handful of faces.

    Quick Draw McGraw and his pal Barney Fife,
    Two peas in a pod, living the life.

    A has-been old farmer and his daughter the cheat,
    Corrupt former officials, the listís far from complete.

    Funds full of money, just ripe for the picking,
    By a group thatís elected, no one cares, itís just sickening.
    Questions need to be answered, we taxpayers in masses,
    Just sit at home with our thumbs up our asses.

    Accounting and financials should be audited bottom to top,
    found out where our money is, it might make our heads pop.

    Speak up people, donít turn your eyes away,
    The truth should come out, make it happen today.

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