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    Posted by Hopeful AA on November 2, 2009, 7:50 pm, in reply to "Looking to apply to AA school"

    It is not too late to apply to Nova for this cycle as they have rolling admissions. Be aware, however, that they have already interviewed some candidates so that the longer you wait the less chance you may have of being accepted. Your stats are within the range that the school is looking for as well, though possibly not in the higher end. I do have to admit I would not consider you a particularly strong candidate as you have a decent GPA and GRE but without any substantial anesthesiology experience, which is necessary and will give you a feel if it is the right career for you. The missing anesthesiology shadowing/experience is required (you need a minimum of at least 8 hours.) The other health experience/shadowing will be a bonus but not acceptable in terms of anesthesiology experience. I don't know how many applications Nova receives (probably several hundred) and they have approximately 80 seats bewteen both programs (~50 in Ft. Lauderdale and ~30 in Tampa.)Why would you wait to apply to other programs as well? Nova is not less selective than the other two. What will you do in the meantime to become a stronger candidate? If you are going to apply to one I would apply to all to have the best chance.

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