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    Age and Value of a L.C. Smith Shotgun Archived Message

    Posted by William S. Perrin on November 16, 2009, 7:58 pm

    Sir. I have a L.C.Smith, double barrel, hammer,shotgun. L.C. Smith is stamped on the left side and the right side of the gun on the metal plates just below the end on the barrels. The serial NR. 75851 is stamped in two places on the underside of the wooden hand guard, once on the flat serface and also on the verdical round locking mechanism. The Nr. 75851 is also stamped on the underside of the right barrel, looking down at it. The Serial NR.75851 with an F stamped under the center of that number, on the left side of the breach mechanism. On the right side of the breach mechanisn is stamped ( what appears to be) PAT D Mar 29,83 . On the top of the left barrel is stamped HUNTER ARMS Co. (what appears to be) MAKERS Fulton, NY . Can you provide me with any history information about this shotgun, that belonged to my Grandfather. I am 78 years old, a retired Army Lt. Colonel, Master Army Aviator with 28 years service to include Korea and Vietnam. I would love to have this info for our 3 sons, 4 Grandsons and 3 Great grandsons. Thanks in advance, Bill Perrin 404-292-4796.

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