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Welcome! Healing from BC involves much more than just our bodies. We need to heal through laughter, through exchanging love with courageous others and we need to relax and dream again. All this is waiting for you. Please just jump in and post. You have more loving friends waiting for you than you can imagine. Please post using your real first name and last initial to avoid identity confusion. Do not post anonymously to help new comers fit in with the group.
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This board is dedicated to both Dory and Elana, from the previous Young Survivors board who always signed her posts "with Unconditional Love and Sincerity".

This board is semi-password protected to avoid spam. To post use username "post" and password "dory". No caps, please. Thanks for your patience.
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For those who might be late comers to this board, Dory was a poster who we will remember as one who gave of herself so others survivors might smile. She always kept this board moving with her inspirational poems, jokes and riddles. Most will give Dory credit for energizing this board. She was an inspiration to everyone on this board. In that spirit, let us continue to post in Dory’s memory so she might smile down on us and give us the same inspiration. Therefore, we have named the board, Dory's Board, in her memory. 11/11/01 (Dory was the first to call attention to the significance of 9/11, re: WTC tragedy, i.e. 911 for emergency). Let me be the first to note all the ones in the above date, indicating she was No. 1 on our board.

Breast Cancer Support

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