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Hello, and welcome to the Eastern Snakes forum. This is a forum primarily for folks in the Eastern US to discuss snakes they have seen, caught, are keeping, or are interested in. It is not limited to people in the Eastern US; anyone with a snake query or something to share about snakes in general are welcome. If you have a question about a snake you have found, you will need to say where it was found, as many reptiles can only be ID'd correctly by locality.

If you are of the opinion that all snakes should be killed, then surf on. I will delete your messages. This is an "environmentally friendly" and snake friendly site.

Please do not place messages about killing a snake, and asking what kind it is you have killed! That is like going onto a message board about dogs and telling about torturing one to death, and asking what kind of breed it was. You will likely get "flamed", and likely by the forum owner, depending on his mood that day.

Please visit my home page at Blue Ridge Discovery

A very good key to North Carolina Snakes is at Davidson College's Snake Key. It works for most of the Southeast US. If you need to talk to me directly, you can use Meebo(TM). If I am online, I can talk to you directly. If not, leave me a message, and I will get back as quickly as possible!

Please remember that in the Eastern US, there are just a few venomous snakes, the Copperhead, the Rattlesnakes, the Cottonmouth, and the Coral. If you learn to identify these, any other snake is not venomous no matter what shape head it has. If you need to contact me directly, please e-mail me at info at blueridgediscovery(dot)com

Sorry for no direct link, but my e-mail box is loaded with SPAM already. Please do not post any kind of money making scheme or links to any other kind of site whether it is "legal" or not - it is a waste of your time and mine, since I will delete it as soon as I see it, and since I have instant notification, it will have a short life . Also, please, please, please when you are asking a question about a snake, start a new post. Don't reply to someone else's post. When you reply to another post with a new question, your question can get lost, and no one sees it.
If you see a small all black snake with a yellow ring around its neck, it is a Ringneck Snake. You can look it up on Google.com. Don't worry, it is totally harmless. Enjoy this forum! Does your snake look like this?

Or this baby one?

If so it is a Ringneck Snake, is harmless, and care sheets and more information can be found at Mikes Snake Pages Mike has kindly allowed me to use the photo of the adult snake on this site, and Josh Rose kindly allowed the use of the baby. Josh's extremely informative site can be found at Josh Rose's Web Page.

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