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    Posted by Todd1433 on 21/2/2024, 13:34:14

    Anybody on here ever been?

    My son leaves to join the army in a little over a weeks’ time, and wanted to visit the Imperial War Museum before he went. We went along yesterday, and both found the Holocaust gallery difficult to comprehend.

    Was speaking to my wife afterwards about visiting the site itself. Not sure it is something I want to do, more something that possibly should be done…

      Re: Auschwitz

      Posted by seancob on 21/2/2024, 20:29:50, in reply to "Auschwitz"

      I went 4 years ago, still think about that day, left a lasting impression on me. Very scary. Krakow is a nice city with lots to see

        Re: Auschwitz

        Posted by Alan proper Irish on 21/2/2024, 18:31:06, in reply to "Auschwitz"

        Visited Sachsenhausen just over 5 years ago. I can say I visited. Didn’t take any photos as seemed entirely inappropriate. The most depressing, godless place I've ever been. Left a lasting impression on all of us. And will never visit another Nazi concentration camp again.

          Re: Auschwitz

          Posted by Chatter on 21/2/2024, 17:57:59, in reply to "Auschwitz"

          I was in London last weekend and me and the mrs went to IWM, as you said very moving. Like you we have reservations about Auschwitz but also feel we would like to go once and once alone!

          Any recommendations on where to book anyone?


            Re: Auschwitz

            Posted by RADSB on 21/2/2024, 17:24:02, in reply to "Auschwitz"

            This book tells you all you need to know. Perhaps then decide whether you want to go.


              Re: Auschwitz

              Posted by RM5 on 21/2/2024, 16:13:07, in reply to "Auschwitz"

              not for me, too much suffering, death and torture went on there, i did want to traumatise thank you

                Re: Auschwitz

                Posted by Buzzard on 21/2/2024, 15:52:32, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                I went last year. Personally I think it should be a passage for all of humanity.

                But it is probably the most disturbing place I have been.

                Do a guided tour though, and if possible go very early in the morning. I think first tour is around 7:30 am

                  Re: Auschwitz

                  Posted by Well on 21/2/2024, 16:20:43, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                  Same as slaughter houses, evil places

                    Re: Auschwitz

                    Posted by RM5 on 21/2/2024, 16:49:19, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                    don't be daft, they feed us

                      Re: Auschwitz

                      Posted by Can I just say on 21/2/2024, 17:37:03, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"


                        Re: Auschwitz

                        Posted by Well on 21/2/2024, 17:16:23, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                        Shit up, you tramp

                    Re: Auschwitz

                    Posted by Krakowian Hatter on 21/2/2024, 15:02:36, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                    Quite a few times - taken quite a few people who've come over to visit.

                    As others have said, make sure you visit Birkenau as well, not just the 'main' Auschwitz museum.

                    If you want an easy life, just get a tour with transport included, etc. It's a well-trodden path.

                    However, it's also easy to grab a bus of train up there and do it independently. IIRC, if you're on your own, you can do things at your own pace if you get there before 11. After that, you need to be part of a group.

                    Can only say amazing things about Krakow. Well worth visiting. Though it's not as cheap as it once was. Used to be £1.40 for a beer for ages, now it's around £3.60 on average.

                    Some things to do:
                    - check if Cracovia/Wisla are playing
                    - walking in Zakopane or Ojcow
                    - rent bikes and head up to Tyniec monastery
                    - get absolutely fucking wankered around endless bars
                    - schindler's museum (excellently done museum, though maybe a bit too much comboed with Auschwitz)
                    - a variety of activities like axe throwing, mini golf, shooting, etc
                    - get on a quick train to Ukraine and sign up to the international legion

                    Restaurants and bars here are absolutely endless. Practically every cuisine for reasonable prices.

                    The only danger here is the people who try and get you into strip clubs at night and raunch you for various '''charges'''. Apart from that, it's ridiculously safe, clean and pleasant here.

                    Let me know if you need any specific info.

                      Re: Auschwitz

                      Posted by Johnny on 21/2/2024, 16:39:20, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                      Going this weekend already booked tour to Auschwitz and Birkenau. Also some shooting wanted to do the Salt Mine but a little to much for one weekend.

                        Re: Auschwitz

                        Posted by Buzzard on 21/2/2024, 15:55:27, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                        Just need to be careful crossing the roads as J walking is punished. I got fined getting off a tram at Getto square.

                        Ooooo the irony

                          Re: Auschwitz

                          Posted by Todd1433 on 21/2/2024, 15:55:26, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                          Thank you KH, I appreciate that.

                          I work with quite a few Poles, all of whom have been encouraging me to go over and do a Krakow city break, though did warn me that my limited (mainly rude) Polish would be best left unused!

                          I’d better get a trip sorted I think.

                          Re: Auschwitz

                          Posted by Forza Twenty Twenty on 21/2/2024, 14:41:13, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                          Combine it with a long weekend in Krakow.
                          Beautiful & very interesting place for a city break.
                          But do Auschwitz on the last day, as it leaves a lasting effect on you for a good few days afterwards.
                          Book a guided tour (with a basic lunch) on Viator, make sure it's both Auschwitz & Birkenau...takes about 7 hours, and you'll be picked up and dropped at a point near your hotel

                            Re: Auschwitz

                            Posted by travel well on 21/2/2024, 14:37:54, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                            I've been. Very moving and sombre. But it is important that you have enough time to visit not just Auschwitz 1 but also Burkinow where there were four gas chambers.

                            IMO you need a full day to properly see both. Don't hurry round.

                              Re: Auschwitz

                              Posted by Swiss on 21/2/2024, 14:12:35, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                              Yes, been.

                              You can do a ‘tour’ from Krakow which seemed a bit crass or get the train to Oswiecim which is cheap but takes a while. Walk from Oswiecim station maybe 20 mins.

                              Would recommend booking in advance for actual entry etc.

                                Re: Auschwitz

                                Posted by Ha on 21/2/2024, 13:58:01, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                                Yes been. Glad I went, but certainly won't be going back.

                                  Re: Auschwitz

                                  Posted by The Dunstable Windsock on 21/2/2024, 13:42:25, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                                  Never be but on my bucket list. Seen plenty of documentaries about it. It fascinates me inasmuch as to understand how anyone can be so evil to a fellow human being. It's looking increasingly likely that humans don't learn. Most of us are selfish thick cunts when all said and done.

                                    Re: Auschwitz

                                    Posted by since 63 on 21/2/2024, 13:41:23, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                                    i agree, we visited IWM and the Holocaust section is very difficult to come to terms with, plenty of visitors there but very quiet, with no one speaking.

                                    I also feel visiting Auschwitz is something I should do but not something I want to do.

                                      Re: Auschwitz

                                      Posted by Rory on 21/2/2024, 14:01:12, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                      It's a chastening experience so much of it looks familiar through footage we have all seen particularly if you are old enough to have watched the World at War .Scale surprised Me and also how few Germans were actually there, skilfully creating levels of supremacy/ reward amongst inmates to control things.We stayed in Krakow a very nice city to visit.

                                        Re: Auschwitz

                                        Posted by travel well on 21/2/2024, 14:41:51, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                        I understand a visit to Auschwitz is on the school curriculum for German children, and so it should be.

                                          Re: Auschwitz

                                          Posted by lutonsteve2 on 21/2/2024, 14:02:20, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                          Yes we also stayed in Krakow and would agree it's a good city to see.

                                        Re: Auschwitz

                                        Posted by pingu on 21/2/2024, 13:37:14, in reply to "Auschwitz"

                                        yeah been. also been to the IWM display.

                                        auschwitz is a must see, be prepared to be totally devastated and emotional.

                                        wish him luck in the army - tell him to grizz it out.


                                          Re: Auschwitz

                                          Posted by Todd1433 on 21/2/2024, 15:32:13, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                          I will, he’s been training hard in the lead up, but the real work starts in a week and a half!

                                            Re: Auschwitz

                                            Posted by lutonsteve2 on 21/2/2024, 13:38:00, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                            Yes I went in 2014 and it was an experience like no other.

                                              Re: Auschwitz

                                              Posted by Todd1433 on 21/2/2024, 15:37:57, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                              Thanks all for the feedback, I think I will arrange to go.

                                              Almost feels like we owe it to those who experienced it to make sure current and future generations never forget what happened.

                                                Re: Auschwitz

                                                Posted by W12 Hatter on 21/2/2024, 17:34:10, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                                I went in November 1998, to Auschwitz I first. After visiting each of the blocks and seeing the piles upon piles of suitcases, hair, glasses, gold fillings - the list goes on - I came out to get a bit of fresh air, sat on some steps and just sobbed. I couldn't get my head around the enormity of man's inhumanity to man. And that was before I visited the 'showers' and furnaces.

                                                Auschwitz II-Birkenau had far less of an impact on me. There was hardly anyone there and everything was under six inches of snow. That was 25 years ago and the site was far less 'curated' than it appears to be today.

                                                Maybe I'll return one day, maybe not.

                                                  Re: Auschwitz

                                                  Posted by Gut City Hatter on 21/2/2024, 16:57:29, in reply to "Re: Auschwitz"

                                                  Totally agree with most of the above comments (Krakowian Hatter's knowledge is inevitably a bit more extensive than mine, so I would go along
                                                  with what he says).
                                                  Auschwitz (and you must include Birkenau) is a very sobering experience. For me, one visit is enough for a whole lifetime.
                                                  Krakow is simply one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities I have ever visited. It was once the capital of the central European
                                                  Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth, which stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. It fortunately escaped any great damage during WW2,
                                                  and it is full of historic gems.
                                                  Try if possible to stay in the old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, which still has a large number of Jewish elements:
                                                  - synagogues and Jewish schools (some still active)
                                                  - numerous (wonderful) Jewish restaurants, some vegan/vegetarian, with - if you're lucky - marvellous klezmer music live
                                                  - the amazing Schindler museum in the factory he ran: you will soon realise he was an unprincipled rogue in real life, as compared with the
                                                  "clean" film version; the museum was largely financed by Steven Spielberg.

                                                  I recommend you to look up the related Wikipedia entries, which are very informative about the extraordinary history of Krakow and Kazimierz:

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