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    Famous Anita's

    Posted by Clarky on 5/2/2023, 11:17:14

    Can only think of Dobson and Harris,wish Brian would get his hair cut,an ungaingly mane

      Re: Famous Anita's

      Posted by The Outsider on 5/2/2023, 15:54:40, in reply to "Famous Anita's "

      Given name
      Anita W. Addison (1952–2004), American television and film director and producer
      Anita Álvarez de Williams (born 1931), American anthropologist, photographer, and historian
      Anita Řstby (born 1972), Norwegian Liberal Party politician
      Anita Allen (pentathlete) (born 1977), American Olympic pentathlete
      Anita Alpern (1920–2006), American Internal Revenue Service official
      Anita Alvarez (born 1960), American government official, State's Attorney of Cook County, Illinois
      Anita Alvarez (synchronized swimmer), American, (born 1996)
      Anita Among (born 1973), Ugandan accountant, lawyer and politician
      Anita Anand (born 1972), British radio presenter, and journalist
      Anita Anand (born 1967), Canadian lawyer and current Member of Parliament currently serving as Minister of Public Services and Procurement
      Anita Andreassen, Norwegian mushing competitor
      Anita Apelthun Sćle (born 1951), Norwegian politician
      Anita Arya (born 1963), Indian politician
      Anita Asante (born 1985), British footballer
      Anita Auglend (born 1979), Norwegian singer
      Anita Augspurg (1857–1943), German lawyer, actor, writer, and feminist
      Anita B. Brody (born 1935), American judge
      Anita Bärwirth (1918–1994), German gymnast
      Anita Baker (born 1958), American R&B and soul singer and songwriter
      Anita Barone (born 1964), American actress
      Anita Berber (1899–1928), German dancer, actress, and writer
      Anita Berrizbeitia (born 1957), Venezuelan-born American landscape theorist, teacher, and writer
      Anita Best, Canadian teacher, broadcaster, and singer
      Anita Bitri-Prapaniku (1968–2004), Albanian pop singer and violinist
      Anita Björk (1923–2012), Swedish actress
      Anita K. Blair (born 1950), American military judge
      Anita Błochowiak (born 1973), Polish politician
      Anita Borg (1949–2003), American computer scientist
      Anita Bose Pfaff (born 1942), Austrian economics professor, daughter of Indian politician Subhas Chandra Bose
      Anita Boyer (1915–1985), American Big Band singer and songwriter
      Anita Brenner (1905–1974), Mexican-born writer of children's literature and books on Mexican art and history
      Anita Briem (born 1982), Icelandic actress
      Anita Brodén (born 1948), Swedish Liberal People's Party politician
      Anita Brookner CBE (1928–2016), British novelist and art historian
      Anita Bryant (born 1940), American singer
      Anita Bulath (born 1983), Hungarian handballer
      Anita Buri (born 1978), Swiss beauty pageant winner, crowned Miss Switzerland 1999
      Anita Bush (1883–1974), American stage actress and playwright
      Anita C. Hill (born 1951), American cleric
      Anita Calvert Lebourgeoise (1879–1940), American attorney, judge, genealogist, biographer, and feminist
      Anita Caprioli (born 1973), Italian theater and film actress
      Anita Carey (born 1948), British actress
      Anita Carter (1933–1999), American country and folk singer
      Anita Caspary (1915–2011), American nun, founder of Immaculate Heart of Mary Community
      Anita Cerquetti (1931–2014), Italian dramatic soprano
      Anita Chapman (born 1952), British Paralympic archer
      Anita Christensen (born 1972), Danish professional boxer
      Anita Cobby (1959–1986), Australian nurse and beauty pageant winner
      Anita Cifra (born 1989), Hungarian handballer
      Anita Cochran (born 1967), American country singer, songwriter, and record producer
      Anita Colby (1914–1992), American actress and model
      Anita Coleman, American librarian and researcher
      Anita Conti (1899–1997), French explorer, photographer and oceanographer
      Anita Cornwell (born 1923), American gay rights advocate
      Anita Daher, Canadian writer of juvenile and teen books
      Anita Darian (1927–2015), American singer and actress
      Anita De Bauch (born 1986), British model
      Anita de Braganza (1886–1977), American socialite and heiress
      Anita DeFrantz (born 1952), American Olympic rower
      Anita De Sosoo
      Anita Delgado (1890–1962), Spanish flamenco dancer and singer
      Anita Desai (born 1937), Indian novelist and academic
      Anita Diamant (born 1951), American writer
      Anita Dobson (born 1949), British television actress
      Anita Dolly Panek (born 1930), Brazilian biochemist
      Anita Doreen Diggs (born 1966), American editor, novelist, and lecturer
      Anita Doth (born 1971), Dutch singer
      Anita Dunn (born 1958), American political consultant
      Anita Ekberg (1931–2015), Swedish model and actress
      Anita Elberse (born 1970s), American academic
      Anita Ellis (born 1920), Canadian-born American singer and actress
      Anita Elson (1898–1985), American dancer and singer
      Anita Fernandini de Naranjo (1902–1982), Peruvian politician
      Anita Finlay, American actress
      Anita Görbicz (born 1983), Hungarian handball player
      Anita Gaće (born 1983), Croatian handballer
      Anita Gale, Baroness Gale (born 1940), British politician
      Anita Galić (born 1985), Croatian freestyle swimmer
      Anita Ganeri, British writer, the Horrible Geography series
      Anita Gara (born 1983), Hungarian chess grand master
      Anita Garanča (1949-2015), Latvian singer and music teacher, mother of the famous operatic mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča
      Anita Garibaldi (1821–1849), Brazilian-born revolutionary, wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi
      Anita Garvin (1907–1994), American actress and comedian
      Anita Gershman, American film producer
      Anita Gillette (born 1936), American actress
      Anita Glesta (born 1958), American artist
      Anita Goel, American physicist and physician
      Anita Gradin (born 1933), Swedish politician and ambassador
      Anita Grūbe (born 1955), Latvian actress
      Anita Guha (1932–2007), Indian film actress
      Anita Gutwell (born 1931), Austrian film actress
      Anita Hĺkenstad (born 1968), Norwegian long-distance runner
      Anita Hagen (1931–2015), Canadian politician
      Anita Halpin (born 1944), British politician
      Anita Hansbo (born 1960), Swedish mathematician and academic administrator
      Anita Harding (1952–1995), British neurologist
      Anita Harris (born 1942), British actress and singer
      Anita Hegerland (born 1961), Norwegian singer
      Anita Hegh (born 1972), Australian actor
      Anita Heiss (born 1968), Indigenous Australian writer
      Anita Hendrie (1863–1940), American actress
      Anita Hill (born 1956), American academic
      Aníta Hinriksdóttir (born 1996), Icelandic middle-distance runner
      Anita Hoffman (1942–1998), American activist and writer, wife of radical Abbie Hoffman
      Anita Howard (born 1969), American sprinter
      Anita Huffington (born 1934), American sculptor
      Anita Inder Singh, Indian international affairs analyst
      Anita Iseghohi (born 1985), Nigerian businesswoman
      Anita Jönsson (born 1947), Swedish Social Democratic politician
      Anita Johansson (figure skater) (born 1954), Swedish figure skater
      Anita Johansson (politician) (born 1944), Swedish Social Democratic politician
      Anita Jose (born 1970s), Indian-born educator and business strategist
      Anita Kanter (born 1933), American tennis player ranked in World top 10
      Anita Kanwal (born 1954), Indian television actress and producer
      Anita Kanwar, Indian film and television actor
      Anita Kazai (born 1988), Hungarian handballer
      Anita Kelsey, British singer and songwriter
      Anita Kerr (1927–2022), American singer, composer, arranger and producer
      Anita King (1884–1963), American racecar driver, actress, and thoroughbred racehorse owner
      Anita Klein (born 1960), Austrialina-born British painter and print-maker
      Anita Klemensen (born 1977), Danish chef
      Anita Kulcsár (1976–2005), Hungarian handballer
      Anita Kuhlke (born 1947), German rower
      Anita Kunz (born 1956), Canadian-born artist and illustrator
      Anita L. Allen (born 1953), American academic
      Anita Lallande (born 1949), Puerto Rican Olympic swimmer
      Anita Lane (1959–2021), Australian singer and songwriter
      Anita Lasker-Wallfisch (born 1925), German-born cellist and Holocaust survivor
      Anita Leocádia Prestes (born 1936), Brazilian historian
      Anita Lerche (born 1973), Danish singer, songwriter, and composer
      Anita Lerman (born 1944), American politician
      Anita Liepiņa (born 1967), Latvian race walker and long distance runner
      Anita Linda (born 1924), Filipino film actor
      Anita Lipnicka (born 1975), Polish singer and songwriter
      Anita Lizana (1915–1994), Chilean tennis player
      Anita Lo, American chef and restaurateur
      Anita Lonsbrough MBE (born 1941), British swimmer
      Anita Loos (1889–1981), American screenwriter and playwright
      Anita Louise (1915–1970), American film actress
      Anita Louise Combe, Australian actress, singer, and dancer
      Anita Louise Suazo (born 1947), Native-American potter
      Anita Márton (born 1989), Hungarian shot putter
      Anita Madden (born 1933), American sportswoman
      Anita Malfatti (1889–1964), Brazilian artist
      Anita Mann (born 1946), American choreographer, dancer, and actress
      Anita Marks (born 1970), American football player and radio personality
      Anita Martinez (born 1925), American politician
      Anita Martini (1939–1993), American journalist
      Anita Mason (born 1942), British writer
      Anita McNaught (born 1965), British-born New Zealand journalist and television presenter
      Anita Meyer (Annita Meijer, born 1954), Dutch singer
      Anita Miller (publisher) (1926–2018), American author and publisher
      Anita Miller (field hockey) (born 1951), American field hockey player and Olympic athlete
      Anita Miller Smith (1893–1968), American impressionist and regionalist painter
      Anita Moen (born 1967), Norwegian cross-country skier
      Anita Mormand (born 1971), French sprinter
      Anita Morris (1943–1994), American actress
      Anita Mui (1963–2003), Hong Kong singer and actress
      Anita Nüßner (born 1935), German sprint canoeist
      Anita Nair (born 1966), Indian-born writer
      Anita Nall (born 1976), American Olympic swimmer
      Anita Neville MP (born 1942), Canadian politician
      Anita Newcomb McGee (1864–1940), American physician
      Anita North, British shooter
      Anita Nyberg (born 1940), Swedish academic
      Anita Nyman (born 1971), Finnish cross-country skier
      Anita O'Day (1919–2006), American jazz singer
      Anita de Braganza (1886–1977), American socialite and heiress
      Anita Orlund (born 1964), Norwegian Labour Party politician
      Anita Ortega, Puerto Rican basketball player
      Anita Otto (born 1942), German discus thrower
      Anita Pádár (born 1979), Hungarian footballer
      Anita Page (1910–2008), American film actress
      Anita Palermo Kelly (1913–1990), American politician
      Anita Pallenberg (1942–2017), Italian-born actress, model, and fashion designer
      Annita Pania (born 1970), Greek television hostess
      Anita Parkhurst Willcox (1892–1984), American artist, feminist, and pacifist
      Anita Peabody (1925–1934), American racehorse
      Anita Perez Ferguson (born 1949), American speaker, consultant, and writer
      Anita Perras (born 1960), Canadian country singer
      Anita Thigpen Perry (born 1952), American healthcare advocate and First Lady of Texas (2000–2015)
      Anita Phillips (born 1945), Australian politician
      Anita Pistone (born 1976), Italian runner
      Anita Pointer (1948–2022), American R&B/soul singer and songwriter, member of The Pointer Sisters
      Anita Pollitzer (1894–1975), American photographer
      Anita J. Prazmowska, British academic
      Anita Protti (born 1964), Swiss track and field athlete
      Anita Punt (born 1987), New Zealand field hockey player
      Anita Rachlis, Canadian AIDS researcher
      Anita Raj (born 1962), Indian actress
      Anita Ramasastry, American academic
      Anita Rani (born 1977), British radio and television presenter and journalist
      Anita Rapp (born 1977), Norwegian footballer
      Anita Ratnam (born 1954), Indian dancer and choreographer
      Anita Rau Badami (born 1961), Indian-born Canadian writer
      Anita Reeves (1948–2016), Irish actress
      Anita Renfroe (born 1962), American comedian
      Anita Roberts (1942–2006), American molecular biologist
      Anita Roddick DBE (1942–2007), British businesswoman, founder of The Body Shop
      Anita Rollin (born c. 1981), Sri. Lankan snowboarder
      Anita Sarkeesian (born 1983), Canadian-American feminist
      Anita Schätzle (born 1981), German freestyle wrestler
      Anita Schjřll Brede (born 1985), Norwegian entrepreneur
      Anita Shapira (born 1940), Israeli historian
      Anita Sheoran (born 1984), Indian freestyle wrestler
      Anita Shreve (1946–2018), American writer
      Anita Sidén (born 1940), Swedish Moderate Party politician
      Anita Silvers, American philosopher
      Anita Silvey, American editor and literary critic
      Anita Singhvi (born 1964), Indian classical singer
      Anita Skorgan (born 1958), Norwegian singer and songwriter
      Anita Smits (born 1967), Dutch archer
      Anita Snellman (1924–2006), Finnish painter
      Anita Sokołowska (born 1976), Polish actress
      Anita Stansfield (born 1961), American writer
      Anita Stewart (1895–1961), American actress and film producer
      Anita Stewart (culinary author) (born 1947), Canadian culinary writer and food activist
      Anita Strindberg (born 1937), Italian actress
      Anita Summers, American educator
      Anita Thallaug (born 1938), Norwegian actor and singer
      Anita Tijoux (born 1977), French-born Chilean hip-hop musician
      Anita Tsoy (born 1971), Russian singer
      Anita Turner (born 1972), British script editor and television producer
      Anita Ušacka (born 1952), Latvian judge and academic
      Anita Utseth (born 1966), Norwegian engineer and politician
      Anita Uwagbale (now Anita Iseghohi), Nigerian beauty queen and model
      Anita Valen (born 1968), Norwegian cyclist
      Anita Vogel (born 1969), American news reporter
      Anita Weiß (born 1955), German middle-distance runner
      Anita Włodarczyk (born 1985), Polish hammer thrower
      Anita Waage (born 1971), Norwegian footballer
      Anita Wachter (born 1967), Austrian alpine skier
      Anita Wagner (born 1960), Austrian singer
      Anita Wall (born 1940), Swedish actress
      Anita Ward (born 1957), American singer
      Anita Werner (born 1978), Polish television journalist
      Anita West (born 1935), British actress and television presenter
      Anita Weyermann (born 1977), Swiss middle-distance runner
      Anita Wood (born 1937), American television performer
      Anita Yuen (born 1971), Hong Kong actress
      Anita Zucker (born 1952), American businesswoman, first female Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company
      Gurmayum Anita Devi, Indian mountaineer
      J. Anita Stup (born 1945), American politician
      Jagat and Anita Nanjappa, Indian race-car drivers
      Princess Anita of Orange-Nassau (born 1969), Dutch royal
      Anita Blake, the protagonist of Laurell K. Hamilton's novel series Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
      Anita (Darkstalkers), a video game character in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge
      Anita Hailey (Shiho Miyano), a character in the manga/anime Case Closed
      Anita Santos, character on the ABC daytime drama All My Children
      Anita Barnes, a character from the film The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations played by Chantel Giacalone
      Anita Knight, from The Secret Show
      Anita Van Buren, character on the television crime drama Law & Order portrayed by S. Epatha Merkerson
      Anita, a comic book character in the works of Italian artist Guido Crepax
      Anita, a character in the musical West Side Story
      Anita Bircham, a character from Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland portrayed by Sonya Maddox
      Anita, a recurring character in the British sit-com dinnerladies (TV series)
      Anita "Needy" Lesnicki, a character in the black comedy horror film Jennifer's Body
      Anita, a girlfriend character in Need for Speed
      Anita Radcliffe, character in Disney's animated film 101 Dalmatians
      Anita, a character in the anime Hunter × Hunter episode 11
      Anita Robb, a character in the film Friday the 13th: A New Beginning played by Jere Fields
      Anita is the middle name of American Dad! character Steve Smith

      Re: Famous Anita's

      Posted by Anita Ward on 5/2/2023, 12:40:50, in reply to "Famous Anita's "

      You can ring my bell.

        Re: Famous Anita's

        Posted by clarky on 5/2/2023, 12:43:16, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

        Great shout

          Re: Famous Anita's

          Posted by clarky on 5/2/2023, 17:21:26, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

          Pallenberg?forgot about her

        Re: Famous Anita's

        Posted by Garythehatter on 5/2/2023, 11:34:03, in reply to "Famous Anita's "

        Anita pee

          Re: Famous Anita's

          Posted by ADHDHAT on 5/2/2023, 11:52:15, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "


            Re: Famous Anita's

            Posted by clarky on 5/2/2023, 11:37:43, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

            Rani,this is exhausting

            Re: Famous Anita's

            Posted by Poole Hatter on 5/2/2023, 11:21:23, in reply to "Famous Anita's "

            Anita Person! 😁

              Re: Famous Anita's

              Posted by 1974 on 5/2/2023, 11:30:34, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

              Anita Ekberg

                Re: Famous Anita's

                Posted by shot nuly on 5/2/2023, 11:34:01, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

                anita baker

                  Re: Famous Anita's

                  Posted by Terry in the Office on 5/2/2023, 13:41:31, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

                  Anita Lonsborough

                    Re: Famous Anita's

                    Posted by Suffolk Punch on 5/2/2023, 13:47:14, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

                    Anita Bush

                    Gardening correspondent for the Suffolk Gazette

                      Re: Famous Anita's

                      Posted by Laststraw on 5/2/2023, 14:04:17, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

                      Anita Harris Correspondent for Rear of the Year Magazine.

                        Re: Famous Anita's

                        Posted by since 63 on 5/2/2023, 16:12:18, in reply to "Re: Famous Anita's "

                        Anita Harris, what you have got once you have had your farmers sorted.

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