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    On this day in 1893.....the season starts

    Posted by RADSB on 16/9/2020, 9:31:06

    I have included some reports from local clubs including the Grocers v Ironmongers.

    From the Luton Reporter of 23rd September 1893.

    "LUTON TOWN v. ILFORD.—This, the first match in the Ilford Club’s list, was played at the Athletic Ground on Saturday. The teams had not met for several years, and considerable interest was felt in the encounter, the visitors being one of the strongest Essex combinations. The weather being of the best possible character, there was a very large attendance, as many as 3,000 spectators being present. Shortly after the advertised time the teams lined out in the following order :—Luton Town : Goal, E. Bee ; backs, J. Wilson and W. Chesher ; half-backs, J. W. Julian (captain), A. H. Taylor, and J. Watkins ; forwards, H. Galbraith (centre), R. Vickers and F. Allen (left), H. Whitby and J. Finlayson (right). Ilford : Goal, A. J. Davies ; backs, J. O. Drummond and B, Markham; half-backs, F. Markham, H. Watts (captain), and C. D. Regan ; forwards, H. O. Worrall (centre), J. C. Hutchins and C. Price (left), A. Porter and E. C. Porter (right). Referee, Mr. E. Field ; linesmen, Messrs. H. Shane (Luton) and S. Stenning (Ilford). It will be seen from this list that Chesher made his first appearance this season, while Vickers was again included in the ranks of the Luton men. The homesters loss the toss and had to play against the wind. Galbraith started the play, and in a very short time he and his companions made their way into close proximity to the Ilford goal. In about half a minute from the start Vickers headed through from a kick by Taylor, but the point was disallowed on the count that Whitby had broken the off-side rule just previously. When a corner had been conceded by Drummond, the Ilford men managed to transfer the play to the other end. The game was extremely fast, and the Ilford players were showing exceedingly good style. Despite their utmost efforts, however, they were unable to break through the Luton defence, and at length Wilson relieved with a huge kick in mid-field. Chesher also behaved capably about this stage, and Watkins displayed brilliant form in the half-back line. The visitors indulged to a large extent in long passing, but this was by no means effective. Luton obtained possession, but Whitby missed an easy chance for improving matters, and Chesher shortly afterwards displayed conservable ability in tackling. When Luton had exhibited some very fine passing a foul was awarded against Watkins, and immediately afterwards Ilford scored. The visitors at this stage were having by far the best of matters, and more than once they narrowly missed scoring. Hands against Luton not far from goal seemed to threaten danger, but Chesher came to the rescue. Watkins again distinguished himself, and Taylor also showed good form. Luton thereafter attacked hotly, but they found Drummond far too sturdy to allow their getting through ; indeed, this noted back was covering himself with glory. Galbraith put in a long shot and forced the goal-keeper to exert himself, and the next point of interest was when Vickers was pulled up for infringing the off-side rule. Bee saved magnificently when severely pressed ; on one occasion he managed to dispose of the ball after he had fallen down between the posts. Vickers seemed to have the opposition goal at his mercy a little later, but he left his final effort until too late. Hands and a corner against Luton were followed by Vickers being again penalised for off-side. The same player a minute later sent the leather on the top of the Ilford net from a pass by Allen. When half-time arrived a few seconds afterwards it was found that the score was unaltered. Starting the second portion in a minority, the “reds” played in determined fashion, and soon obtained a corner, which, however, proved resultless. Various minor points having been decided against the Lutonians, the game became faster than ever, and the spectators were delighted at seeing that their favourites had somewhat the best of it. When Bee had been called upon to fist out, which he did in capital fashion, the Ilford representatives managed to elude Bee’s vigilance, but the referee decided that the point should not count, as the off-side rule had been broken. Corners for Luton were obtained in rapid succession, but nothing came of them, the ball being either sent over the line or over the cross-bar. At length a loud and long outburst of applause betokened that the home side had at length succeeded in scoring, the point ensuing upon a very fine pass by Whitby. With the scores level both teams tried their utmost to obtain a deciding notch. Just before the finish the ball appeared to a good many to pass under the Ilford bar, but the referee declined to view the matter in that light. The result was accordingly a draw of one goal each—a result which, considering the play, was fairly satisfactory. For Luton excellent all-round form was shown, though the combination was not quite so good as might have been desired. The new men acquitted themselves well, and several of the old players rendered themselves conspicuous by brilliant efforts at times. If a special word of commendation may be accorded, it is due to Watkins, whose display at half-back was exceedingly good. Bee, too, managed to make some wonderful efforts. On the side of the visitors, capital style was exhibited by the forwards Worrall and the Porters, and the team as a whole were not only very fast but exceedingly clever in disposing of the ball when they had obtained it. The half-backs were safe, but the chief honours in the back defence must be awarded to Drummond, whose magnificent play will long linger in the memory of those who witnessed it. He was present in every emergency, and it was undoubtedly in a great measure due to his splendid defence that the homesters were prevented from scoring.
    MONTROSE v. EXCELSIOR.—The former club opened their season on Saturday last on Bury Park, when they met and defeated the Excelsior Club by eight goals to nil. The teams were as follows : Montrose : Goal, E. Fisher ; backs, B. Sanders and G. King ; half-backs, J. Goodliffe, A. Hoy, and A. Smith ; forwards, S Moody and H. Hurcombe (right), C.. Hoy (centre), F. Hoy and C. Colling (left). Excelsior : Goal, F. Haddon ; backs, H. Cook and Waller ; half-backs, Hunt, Shaw, and Plummer ; forwards, Burley and Ellingham (right), Warren (centre), Bird and Tennant (left). Fisher won the toss, and the Montrose left wing soon made maters lively for the opposing defence. About 12 minutes from the start Moody centred in capital style and Colling had no difficulty in scoring the first goal of the season. C. Hoy notched the second point, while previous to half-time further goals were added by Moody, F. Hoy, A. Hoy, and C. Hoy. The fact that Fisher had only one shot to save during the game is sufficient indications of the strength of the defence. In the second half the play was all in favour of the Montrose, who scored two more goals through A. and F. Hoy, and thus won easily.
    MONTROSE 2ND v HARPENDEN ROVERS.—Played at Harpenden on Saturday, and resulted in a draw, each side scoring once.
    GROCERS v. IRONMONGERS.—A match was played on Wednesday on the Grocers’ ground, corner of Leagrave and Dunstable turn, between Luton Grocers F.C. and Ironmongers. Both teams were well represented. Mr. T. Webdale acted as captain for the latter, and C. Creasey for the former. The toss was won by the ironmongers team. The first goal was kicked by C. Creasey, and two goals by Mr. S. Brown, making three to the Grocers by half-time. In the second half a goal was well played by Mr. S. Young, of the ironmongers, who carried the ball up the field. Two goals kicked by Mr. Sills, who played up well right throughout , were followed by one added by Mr Brown. The final score was : Grocers, 6 ; Ironmongers, 1.
    HOO PARK ROVERS v. ASHTON STAR.—A match was played on Wednesday evening on the ground of the Ashton Star. The Rovers won by one goal to nil.
    NORTON COLLEGE v. STAR.—A match was played on the People’s Park on Wednesday between these teams. Both played a very good game, but the Star had the best of matters and won by four goals to one."

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