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    Posted by Tom Archer on April 14, 2015, 10:47 pm, in reply to "Re: estimated manufacture date"

    Assuming the stock is not busted and barrel bores not pitted to the point of ruination, there are many competent gunsmiths who can make this gun appear almost as new; but such work is labor intensive hand work, and thus is expensive. You can't just hot blue those barrels like a rifle barrel, they must be slow rust blued; otherwise one can totally ruin the barrels as the solder holding barrel ribs in place can be dissolved by hot blue salt compounds. You didn't post pics; but I suspect freshly blued barrel tubes would be/look really out of place if the other gun finishes were not restored? I suggest you have a double gun professional evaluate the gun to tell you what is needed and approximate cost; otherwise I'd leave the gun as is. But whatever you decide, remember this is a low-grade gun that would never return the cost of its restoration; your return would be in sentimental value, which as we all know can be priceless.

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