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    searching for 1905 hammer gun parts Archived Message

    Posted by Raymond on March 26, 2015, 8:53 pm

    Hey guys looking for a few parts and haven't had much luck finding them. Trying to help a friend get his great grandfathers lc smith hammer double shooting so his son can enjoy it occasionally with very light loads. It's a 1905 grade F hammer double in 12 gauge made by hunter. Has royal steel barrels. serial # 143xxx. Gun is a worn finish hunter, but is actually very tight with solid wood. So here is what Im facing.
    Left hammer screw was broken off and I was able to drill out the shank. My understanding is the originals are 4/40 and it looks like numrich has them. I can clean up with a tap on that side if it is indeed the correct screw.
    Right hammer had some incorrect screw in between a 6 and 8 size and perhaps 32tpi which I have no idea what they were thinking in the past but definitely not original. I have not decided yet how to repair this side as the original 4/40 will obviously be too small. I thought about inserting brass screw then re-drilling and tapping to correct size. Any suggestions welcome here.
    The real challenge seems to be finding the firing pins. They are battered pretty bad and need to be replaced. I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Numrich does not have them in stock. Also the firing pin captures screws (which were a nightmare to get out) were also shot and destroyed. My guess is those are available nowhere but I believe are 6/32 so making them from a standard screw is not an issue unless I can find originals.
    Any help here locating parts would be greatly appreciated.

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