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    Posted by David Williamson on March 17, 2015, 4:34 pm, in reply to "Part needed"

    Bill, if you don't mind about the orientation of this screw (the slot should run the length of the gun), I can make you one. If you want the orientation to be right, the screw is made with the head longer and a slot put in it. It is then screwed in tight and marked on the sides as to orientation. Taken out and then put in a lathe and machined to the correct thickness of the hole, taken out and then the slot is put in it.

    This would mean me sending you the screw with the longer head, you putting it in tight then marking with a fine line on both sides where the slot would be and sending it back to me.

    Sometimes with another screw you might get lucky....maybe.

    Jerry Andrews should have these. 304-843-1740

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