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    Posted by Gary Rennles on March 14, 2015, 12:04 am, in reply to "Re: Old article about Smith Guns"

    Lots of great information is there if you read thru it!

    Sporting Life vol. 27 no. 13
    June 20th 1896

    Parts of the article:


    The Thirty-Eighth Annual Convention
    of the New York State Sportsmen's
    Association Successfully Carried
    Out by the Buffalo Audubon Club,

    Dan "Lefever, Neaf Apgar and one or two other
    men reported that their gun cases had been
    stolen, This is one of the things to be regretted,
    but in such a crowd it is easy for a
    sneak thief to help himself to anything that
    he wants, and we wonder that more guns and
    cases are not stolen.

    Dan Lefever won a Smith gun in a raffle,
    and when Harvey McMurchy heard of it he said
    to Dan. "There, Uncle Dan, at last you have
    got good gun."

    "Bob" Hunter, of the Hunter Arms Company,
    of Fulton, makers of the Smith gun, was shooting
    a good clip for an amateur and landed in
    several good places. He missed his first bird
    in one State event, and then broke the next
    24 straight.

    Considerable amusement was furnished on
    Thursday when a gunner from the rural district
    came in and entered an open event. He was
    armed with a 10-bore hammer gun of ancient
    pattern, and his club shells were loaded with
    six drams of good old black powder
    , and nobody
    knows how much shot. The first time be
    touched off the cannon it startled everyone, and
    all made a rush for the spot. Those in the
    grand stand stood up to see what the trouble
    was, and the cries of "gun blew up" were heard.
    J. A. Flick, U. M. O. Thomas and "Sporting
    Life" reached the place just as the "rain-maker"
    was touched loose again. and the shock was so
    unexpected that all three of these worthies
    were sent sprawling on the ground. Soon a
    great crowd collected, and whenever a mighty
    roar was heard a huge balloon of smoke was
    sent skyward and trembling of the earth was
    felt, a mighty cheer would go up from the
    assembled multitude. It furnished great sport
    for awhile, and then the gunner disappeared
    in the smoke he had created and was seen no

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