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    Posted by David Williamson on February 23, 2015, 5:00 pm, in reply to "BALLISTOL"

    I have never tried Ballistol but have heard many people like it. Eezox is another.

    In one of my woodworking magazines they did a test on cast iron table saws and A2 tool steel. They used 19 samples of each steel under their terms of harsh environments. This was a 10 day test. The untreated cast iron saw plate rusted overnight, and the A2 steel started rusting within 48 hours.
    Long story short, the best after 10 days with no rust to either was CRC Industrial 336, LPS 3 and WD 40, but not the WD 40 Longterm. There were a few others but they picked the CRC because it had no affect of coming off on to wood and ruining it for a finish or putting on stain.
    They also used some different waxes, Renaissance and Johnson's Paste Wax did not hold up.

    A2 tool steel has a lot higher carbon content than any barrel steel.

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