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    I Think You Might Like The Rem STS If You Can Find Them Archived Message

    Posted by Jent P Mitchell III on November 13, 2014, 1:45 pm, in reply to "410 hulls"

    I think you might like the Remington STS 410 hull better IF, BIG IF, you can find them ??? You might be better off to buy some new Remington 410s and shoot them and reload them. If you are ever in Northern Virginia I have some 410 hulls that I can share with you. If you shoot the short RST 16 gauge purple hulls you can save those for me and Chris G and Brian D and Bob G. We love the purple 16 gauge RST hull to reload. We also like/love the RST brown short 10 gauge hull. That hull is actually just a Federal 10 gauge hull and it is by far the best 10 gauge hull to reload....Good Shooting To You, Jent

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