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    Endless Mts SxS winners and news!! Archived Message

    Posted by Mike Koneski on August 17, 2014, 4:53 pm

    Here are the winners of the 2014 Endless Mountains SxS Challenge:
    .410 trophy- Tom Damiani 80/200
    Marilyn Behrend :.410 Shell Game
    28g trophy- Bob Behrend 135/200
    Dick Baum: 28g Shell Game
    20g trophy- Dave Defernelmont 162/200
    Charlie Spigner: 20g Shell Game
    16g trophy- David Defernelmont 165/200
    Len Wachel: 16g Shell Game
    12g trophy- David Defernelmont 167/200
    Frank Srebro: 12g Shell Game
    10g trophy- Tom Carrier 139/200
    Tom Carrier- 10g Shell Game
    High Lady trophy- Marilyn Behrend
    High Hammer Gun trophy- Len Wachel
    Free Entry to 2015 EMSxS- Bob Behrend

    We want to thank everyone who attended Rock Mountain and Hausmann's Hidden Hollow!! Great weather, great fun and some fine targets!! We ask that you all keep in mind that in 2015 this will be a 4 day shoot at Rock Mountain and will be in the same format as the Spring and Fall Southern shoots. We are actively working on booking vendors and have a few committed already!! There are RV electric hookups here at RMSC and ample parking. We are still finalizing the date, but there will be no conflicts with other SxS shoots!! Any non-profit Gun Collector Associations are welcome to set up free (Fox, Parker, Smith, Lefever, etc). We will also have an expanded Manufacturer Challenge that will include Fox, Parker, Smith, Winchester and Lefever shot off through a qualifier 5-Stand and a 5-Stand finale!! More info to come. :D

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