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    Syracuse vs Fulton Tutorial Archived Message

    Posted by David W on December 8, 2009, 9:14 am

    Since there has been some inquiries as to what type of gun they have, I thought I would show some pictures to help those who have trouble identifying their gun/s.

    Picture shows the difference between the Syracuse and Fulton line of guns. As you can see the side plates are almost touching on the Syracuse gun. Also note that the side plate connecting screw head is rounded compared to the flat head of the Fulton era guns.

    This picture shows the difference in the convex ribs. Notice how the Syracuse ribs are much larger and rounded compared to the narrow Fultons.
    This practice stopped around 1898 or so because of the hand work involved. Note also that the receiver lug is squared on all Syracuse guns and rounded on the Fulton ones.
    All Syracuse hammer and hammerless (1886-1888) have the first style joint check, early Fulton guns have them also (non-ejector guns) until 1898?

    Shows the checkering, even the lowest Syracuse Quality 2 had 24 lpi

    This picture shows the fore-ends. Notice the different shape of the ebony insert on the Syracuse, and the hand fitting of this. The Syracuse fore-ends were a little wider and had a flatter appearance than the early Fulton era guns.

    This picture shows the one big difference between the two. Notice how large the breech balls are on the Syracuse guns and that they are rounded. (note that Fulton 10 gauge breech balls also almost touch, but the difference there is the rounded corners on the barrel lug and the type of engraving.)

    I hope this helps those in recognizing the difference between the two.

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