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    Posted by SGT on October 27, 2006, 8:34 pm, in reply to "barrels"

    Solder. What has happened is that the solder joint between the ribs and barrels has broken loose. If not repaired the situation will get worse with use. In a few instances it may be possible to repair/resolder just a small area; but, if the repair requires relaying both ribs, the job is labor intensive and will demand the skill of a good double gunsmith. To do this, the ribs are heated to melt the remaining solder holding the ribs; then the barrels and ribs are cleaned of debris and old solder, smoothed and fluxed. The bores are then realigned (so that patterns print to the same point) at the same time ribs are reattached; and everything is held in place by tightly twisted wires. Then the solder is applied evenly, with care being taken not to apply too much heat. When everything is cooled, excess solder must be removed; and, since relaying ribs destroyed barrel finish, the barrels must be slow rust-blued to restore the finish.
    It is not often that rib joints come loose. Most of the loose ribs I have observed were the result of "hot bluing". Salts in this blue solution attack and dissolve solder holding the ribs; and, if the person doing the blue job does not carefully neutralize that chemical process afterwords, it continues until no solder remains. I don't know the history of your gun; but, if those barrels were reblued, a hot blue job could be the source of your problem. Regards

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