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    LCSCA, Michigan Members? Archived Message

    Posted by cnvsboy on October 26, 2006, 8:30 am

    Are there any,many, Michigan members to LCSCA?

    I became the owner of a LCSmith approximately 10 years ago, thru the passing of my father. He received the gun as a gift from an employer in the mid 1950's. The gun was used for knocking around for rabbits and pheasants, a couple of weeks a year, for a few years, but has spent most of its 100 yr + life hiding in a guncase in a closed collecting moisture.
    I took the "Elsie" to a gun show just to try to get an approximate guestimate of worth, cause I knew that it was not something that could have been purchased by my father. I was offer, what I thought, was an unbelievable sume for the gun by two different i ndividuals, but chose to keep her.

    Now I am reaching the age where I am kinda getting into the nostalgic aspects of spending time with my dog out in the field. I normally carry an SKB or Citori, which I try to take care of, but I am getting attracted to the looks of the weathered "Elsie" and acustomed to the comments of other hunters I meet pertaining to the old crutch that I am carrying and that I should get a real gun. Perhaps little do they know.

    I realize that with out pics and a hands on akppraisal, it is impossible to deermine if I really have somethin or if it is all in my mind.
    There is no real heart warming memories or tales that accompany this gun into my hands, but there are going to many created with my old Chessie, the "Elsie" and myself.

    I just discovered this site a couple of days ago and have read many of the posts and enjoyed looking at the pics. Not interested in changing the condition of the gun, just interested in finding out about her. Information in earlier post.

    Thankyou to the responders to my original post.

    cnvsboy, Hannah (my pooch) and our ol' beater

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