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    Posted by Bill Hambidge on October 24, 2006, 3:28 pm, in reply to "l c smith shotgun r 82721"

    This site prohibits buying/selling-a BATF&E thing. Appraisal is dependent on many, many, things, namely CONDITION!!! Doing it yourself is possible, just peruse the on line auction/sale sites/dearlers and compare yours to theirs to arrive at a price. Most qualified/knowledgeable appraisers will charge $25-50 for a written/letterhead appraisal. Taking it to a big show and seeing what dealers will "offer" is a third method. Posting pictures here would probably get someone to venture a WAG "value". But the best by far is to find someone knowledgeable close to you and take your piece to them and listen to what they saw about possible value. Finally the Blue Book of Gun Values is also a good starting point for a generaly ballpark figure. But again it all basically depends on CONDITION!!! Good luck, Dr. BILL

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