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    My Father's Father's shotgun is now mine. FW117848 Archived Message

    Posted by Jack on October 23, 2006, 7:15 pm

    My grandfather died just after fighting in the battle of the bulge. My father was in the South Pacific fighting the other side of the war. I recently became owner of the 12 guage LC Smith that was purchased by my Grandfather and handed down to his son. My Dad said I should sell it and buy an autoloader for my son to hunt with. That's not going to happen! I don't know much about the gun though. When I plug the serial number into the manufacturing date finder at it comes up with 1929 but that is without the FW at the beginning. Is this accurate?
    The shotgun is sound, has dual triggers and a 3 position safety. I am interested in shooting it at some clays.... Are today's target rounds appropriate? This is a field grade gun.


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