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    Posted by Hank on October 21, 2006, 3:45 pm

    My wife recently purchased an LC Smith from a rumage sale, I'm sure it was very inexpensive. However, after serching your site I have not been able to totally identify this gun. The numbers,letters I have been able to find are: LC Smith stamped on the lock plates, under the breach on the left base is, Pat D Mar 20. 83 July 12.86 Oct 5.86 Right side of the base 45518 and under that is the letter/number? O. That number and pattern are also on the underside of the left barrel. There are no other markings on either barrel, the barrels have a unique swirling design? on them barrels are 30" it has ejectors, double trigger, is in very good condition, inside and out. I'm not sure how to determine hammer or hammerless. I think it's a 12 gauge but not sure. Any help here would be great.

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