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    Posted by Rev. Norman Crabbe on October 20, 2006, 10:42 pm

    I Purchased an L.C. Smith / Hunter Arms 12ga at the beginning of this month. Field Grade S# 319XXX. The guy that sold it to me said he had had it for quite a while. It shows overall cosmetic ware. Functionally it works great. The rear stock has been dowled and glued and seems like an OK job. At least it didn't come apart when I shot about 10 rounds threw it.
    Can I get a new stock? Where and about how much?
    Can I strip the finish off the stock and emerse it in some form of fiber glass under pressure to preserve it? Sort of like they do on old wooden ships. What a beautiful shotgun. Even with it's problems it just goes up to your shoulder as if it was an extention of your body. Hate to see this gun wasted. Hate to spend to much money on it also. As you see by the prefex I'm not in a high dollar profession. At least I'm not " ONE OF THEM ". The God Marketers on the TV sets. I always wanted a S X S since my Uncle Robby would come down to my grandmothers farm in Maryland and rabbit hunt. I think this was his vacation on Thanksgiving day to be out in the field and not have to have his Reverend vestments on. He was UMC. Anyhow I paid $400.00 for this Smith and hope to get some use out of it. Any help or advise will be great. Rev. Norman

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