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BuzzLife Rules: This board is designed to be a destination to discuss male haircuts, from buzzcuts, flattops, bald, and more!

By using this, you accept all liability for your posts and their contents. BuzzLife administration and Boardhost accept no liability whatsoever by posts, ideas, opinions, links to external sources, videos, to name a few among the vast amount of content that could be contained in said posts. Therefore, you post it, whatever it may be, you’re responsible for it. Enough said.

Photos, videos, and other content posted should involve men who appear to be of age. Any link/poster that sends images, videos, etc. of those who appear to be below acceptable age will be removed. This results in an instant ban for life

This is designed for male haircutting, and males should be the subject of the haircut. Females should not be the subject of the haircut in posts, photos, and discussions, however, females are free to join and discuss our common interests.

No sexual posts allowed. No political posts allowed.

In terms of common sense, do not post replies to such videos or photos saying things like “sexy handsome man without hair” or “better ####ing shave it next time” or any other suggestive or inappropriate comments. This only does many things. It makes the user remove the video due to being “creeped out” by said comments, look to see where the user found their video (and can see terms searched, such as headshaving, male haircut, and even links from this board). It only brings out a negative view of our community and makes us more noticeable, rather than keeping it quiet. Keeping it quiet is best, it allows us to continue sharing content without people starting to think “will I get creepy people send me stuff”. To sum it up, don’t be a creep on other people’s videos. Saying you look good such as “nice haircut” is acceptable; saying “you look sexy handsome with that new haircut :-*” is unacceptable. I cannot control what you post on other websites, but please keep your true comments to yourself, or as we often see, “This video has been removed by the user” will pop up. Please use proper judgment to keep the videos posted public for all to see and enjoy.

In addition, please try to do your best to provide reference to what content is being presented. The internet is wide, I understand that. But if you are going to post a YouTube link, write a quick thing next to the link (moptop shorn) or reference where you got an image from (i.e., post a link and the image) so we can see it easier if there is problem. Only goes to help us out more!

Be civil on the board. We’re all grown mature (hopefully) men. Let’s keep it mature and civil on here.

Be smart about what you post! If you use proper judgment, it will generally be fine. Just consider these rules before posting.

Any problems and questions, e-mail me at

I tried to make these rules fair and understanding. They are only here to make the best for the continuation of our community. Any comments or problems or suggestions, please message me or post here.

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