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    Wilson Park's Sunken Gardens Archived Message

    Posted by Volunteer on July 27, 2019, 3:05 pm

    Just over a year ago my church completely overhauled/cleaned the neglected, trash filled Sunken Gardens in Wilson Park. This was no small feat, it was a lot of hard work done by a lot of volunteers. Here we are one year later and once again the gardens are in shambles, as they were when we started our clean up. Once again filled with broken and dead limbs, broken glass, plastic bottles and trash.

    Dave Williams is the park commissioner, does he ever walk through the park? Was all our hardwork so unappreciated that he felt there was no need to maintain the area once it was completely cleaned up? What is the staff at the park paid for?

    When is the last time they picked up a paintbrush to paint over graffiti to spruce up the gardens? Why did they not do anything to bring back the water features, paint the areas that held the water and once held goldfish? I guess that's asking too much when they won't even remove the garbage that has now taken the gardens over again.

    Why are the old handrails, broken and waiting for someone to be hurt seriously when falling against them?

    Why have the ball fields been allowed to go unmaintained and so easily to flood and hold water?

    Why did another volunteer group paint the gazebo on Madison Avenue, and clean up and weed around it? That is the job of the park district.

    I am not only disappointed by the inaction of Dave Williams to build on the clean up job done by our church, but not even attempt to improve it to it's once beautiful state.

    What are the park workers being paid to do? Why doesn't Dave Williams have more pride to maintain the gem of our city. Time for a new commissioner when the trash cans within the park are overflowing with dirty diapers, bottles, trash, etc., at every turn. Do your jobs park employees, make sure they do their jobs Dave Williams, show some damn pride, that you take your job seriously and that you aren't just there to hand out paychecks to ineffective employees, because that is where it looks like all the tax dollars are going.

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