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    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 1, 2019, 4:28 pm, in reply to "Dem debates...free health care fir the illegals"

    Since May 1, 599 counterfeit documents, 316 fraudulent “families,” and 629 different people convicted of various criminal violations were discovered and promptly removed to the Justice Department for deportation or reunification attempts with legitimate family members.

    Gregory Nevano, assistant director for investigative programs at Homeland Security Investigations (HIS), enlightened members of the House Homeland Security Committee this past week. He explained how effective the “swab in – profile out” program has been for ferreting out criminals trafficking people and drugs and committing the practice of child recycling:

    “During this operation, a total of 84 family units were DNA tested after providing consent. Sixteen family units were found to be fraudulent during the testing. About half of the confirmed fraudulent family units were identified prior to DNA testing when the adult alien recanted their claim of a familial relationship when asked to consent to the test.”

    In one notable case, 51-year-old Honduran national Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, who crossed the Rio Grande with an infant in his arms, admitted he had paid $84 to use the child to cross the border, as families are less likely to be deported or detained. Guiza-Reyes is a repeat illegal, having been deported before.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation also touted this rapid DNA tool as a dream come true for law enforcement agencies. It claims the impact could be critical for “military, forensic, homeland security, and intelligence decisions,” and drastically increasing the success rates of securing this nation. Of course the Democrat Party isnt all that keen with all of this unnecessary background checking as it shows that Trump has been right all along yet again.

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