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    Posted by GLW on November 7, 2018, 4:25 am, in reply to "Re: A&J Market"

    Good Morning Chris:

    And a Top of the Morning to you.

    Unfortunately, I do not remember seeing your name on the voting ballot yesterday...but if it was there...rest assured, I did give you a vote...and I hope you did win.

    On to your post, I do remember a Charles Hankins That did live on about the 22 or 23 hundred block of my street (Edwards) and he had a son that wanted to play on the baseball team that I that I ran and managed for my (Jeff) son....but for some reason, his son was not allowed...and I really do not remember why??? my, this does go back many years. Jeff was born in July of the of year 1965...and this young Hankens boy would be born in about the same year...give or take a year.

    Another Hankins I remember was a carpenter by the name of Sonny...and when he was in his 3rd year apprenticeship, he taught me that you did not need a square to mark a board for a square-cut...you just watch the reflection in your power/hand saw...and when this reflection goes straight through...you will have a good 90 degree cut...remember, that a good journeyman showed this little trick to (Sonny) him,so I did nor have any qualms about him showing it to me. I always did try and to remember these little short-cuts...and who showed them to me.


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