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    GC kids had to go to school today! Archived Message

    Posted by whatusay on January 3, 2018, 8:24 pm

    And their parents lost their damn minds! It's all I've read about, how Edwardsville called off school for today, but those poor Granite City kids had to go. It was 26 degrees today, since when is school called of with a temperature of 26 and no snow and ice?

    It's a dang sad situation and unfortunate lesson you are teaching your kids if you are a bawling and complaining that they had to attend school in 26 degree weather. I won't go into the "back in my day, we walked....." story, but I will say we sure got our fannies to school when it was 26 degrees and mostly cloudy.

    A windchill of nine below, as expected tomorrow morning, that's a different story.

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