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    Posted by Bluangel on November 14, 2017, 4:15 pm

    I recently learned that Randy VIESSMMAN is circulating petitions to run for County Board. UGH! The only claim to fame this man can make is that of stealing the thunder belonging to another. When he ran for Township Supervisor, he claimed the fame for getting Lake Drive blacktopped while sitting on the Board of Trustees at the Village. 90% of the footwork for that accomplishment was done by another trustee! Randy VIESSMAN's major accomplishments as Township Supervisor was putting his two index fingers together while leaning back in an office chair, cooking expensive cuts of meats for the ladder leaders .. oh and making that God awful sound clearing his sinus cavities every 15 minutes. This little campaign trick below was priceless .. "Mr. Viessman is working on upcoming grants for 2017-2018" circulated while he was the sitting Supervisor as well as a candidate for the position. I believe in his circular, he failed to mention that this small endeavor, with photo, was contingent on the outcome of the election so, any plans for the future betterment for our community was null and void if he lost .. there are much better choices among us, we don't need this.

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