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    a huge steaming pile of dog poo Archived Message

    Posted by CrackerJack on September 3, 2017, 10:32 pm

    I kindly asked my dog to refrain from taking a massive dump in the front or side yard. I even designated an area far from our deck, out by the back fence line for him to make his smelly deposits.

    I noticed my yard being full of slugs. I did a little research and sure enough, slugs love dog shit! Even when I stay on top of grabbing up every single pile in a timely fashion, the army of slugs seem to be increasing.

    Bernie my St Bernard has started staying out of the front and side yard, but it seems to be to little to late, those areas are filled with slugs already. A 237 pound dog shits as big as a small dinner plate most of the time. I guess this is just to irresistible to the Gastropods.

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