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    Posted by Opie2 on September 1, 2017, 10:06 pm

    Don't look now GC football fans but the Warriors are for real so far. Me and the Mrs. took advantage of the great weather and went over and watched the game tonight. Great crowd.

    Young QB named Freddie Edwards is the real deal. This kid runs with pure instinct and will someday play on Saturday afternoons at a division 1 school.

    The Warriors only gave up two first half touchdowns, one on a fumble return and one after a couple of questionable penalties put them backs to the wall. Carbondale also scored two late touchdowns after the Warriors put in the clean shirts for most of the third quarter.

    I also saw (Well Mrs. O. actually saw before I did) the Granite City kids do a really classy thing. A player from Carbondale was carted off the field and the students did a cheer shouting this kid's number as he left the field. That's class young people and that's the kind of thing visiting teams will remember. Good job!

    Next week Belleville East at Kevin Green Field and if the weather is nice, we're going again. This is fun to watch.

    Good luck Warriors. Glad to see you having a good start.

    Oh and as a footnote and purely as a sports interest, Edwardsville dropped their second game of the season tonight too.

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