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    Posted by Radio Head on March 28, 2017, 3:30 pm

    "BND SNIP: "The mechanic, Ron Farrington, said he placed a pro-Luehmann political sign on his front lawn and a few days later found himself assigned to pick up trash along a lonely section of township roadway.""

    Lonely section of State Route 35, holy crap.

    Maybe we can get a donation box going for Ron.

    Suggested items: Massengill Disposable Douche, Tampons (Tampex or generic accepted), Midol for those cranky days, like the day he had to pick up trash all by himself for a premium union wage. He does look bloated most of the time. A few Hershey bars to chase away those premenstrual blues.

    Im starting to wonder if Just Some Schmoe is Mr. Farrington with all the references about the union and crap like that. Wouldnt that be interesting???

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