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    Posted by Puddin Taine on March 9, 2017, 1:20 am, in reply to "Re: Luehmann & Luehmann"

    "Are you showing the same respect to the older gentleman that you had walking the highway and clean up trash by himself?"

    Are you serious with this statement, or making a joke? What the hell? By himself, as if he needed a baby sitter or work buddy, or someone to hold his hand? Was he afraid? If so, afraid of what?

    Holy cow, I have read it all now! Mr Moore, I am unemployed and need a job. Not only will I pick up trash any where that is needed, but I do not require a baby sitter or work buddy to do that job!

    Let me get this straight, the temperature was low 60's and partly cloudy and low to no humidity. Someone was actually required to ( do their job ) and you think that job (picking up trash) under those conditions are unreasonable and unfair?!?

    Mr. Commish, where do I apply? I will do that job, pick up trash, shove a lawn mower and what ever else is needed (in any weather conditions) at any time you need me. Not only will I do that job, but I will do it with gratitude!

    Having a full time job with benefits, and feeling wronged because you have been asked to pick up trash on a day when the weather is picture perfect, really? Anyone who sympathizes with, and feels sorry for an employee because he was expected to work for his pay doing something as simple as pick up trash (all by himself) is part of a huge problem.

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