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    Posted by 3Dee on July 10, 2016, 10:38 am

    Stepping out of the sandbags once more ----

    How to win an argument online.... (See video Link Below...)

    It cannot be done.

    After years of 'winning' arguments here (2009-2014) and at another site (2006 to about 2012 or so) at least in my own mind --- I wish I would have watched this a long time ago.. It would have saved a lot of words and just overall a lot of trouble.

    Some of the arguments that are made, I humbly posit that I have made here before --- such as "Text only communicates so much - but body language and tone of voice are still missing." But I say humbly.....because I haven't always heeded my own advice..and have also overreacted at times.

    I learn a lot, but it seems very little of it is learned the easy way.

    On my favorite sattelite channel -- Willie's Roadhouse -- I heard a song that is perfect... "The Winner" by Bobby Bare. You can look it up and find it on You Tube or elsewhere.

    Best wishes everyone.

    Three to the D

    Video Link - why online arguments cannot be won:


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