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    Fashion Avenue Friday; 2002 International Exclusives Collection (part 2) Archived Message

    Posted by Jeanne on January 14, 2022, 12:09 pm

    Today we'll look at 3 more FA's that were only available to the international market. All of these came with minimal accessories and all jewelry is the model's own.

    2002 International Exclusives Collection, stock #56984- A lovely little party frock sprinkled with sparkle. A matching sheer shawl and purple pumps with ankle straps completed the ensemble.

    Without the shawl to show the unique off-the-shoulder design of the dress:

    2002 International Exclusives Collection, stock #56985- I love the metallic blue of this jacket but unfortunately the vinyl fabric has not aged well. It cracks/peels at the slightest touch and pieces were coming off on my fingers as I tried to pull the sleeves on and to fasten the jacket. A denim-print miniskirt and nice blue slouchy ankle boots were also included.

    2002 International Exclusives Collection, stock #56986- This FA was comprised of a swirly roses pink jacket with white faux fur trims, plus a fuchsia miniskirt and dark pink Mary Jane pumps.

    Next we'll look at the last 2 fashions in this series.

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