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    Guys: The 'Trying to diversify and Articulated' saga. Archived Message

    Posted by Sandi M in Chicagoland on January 13, 2022, 10:20 am

    When I joined Doll Divas and ITPink online here, I also joined WindyCityBarbieDollCollectors here in Chicago. After visiting their meetings, I realized if I was going to do stories about Chicago---I needed to diversify my dolls. My first AA was Carly who I actually ordered from Ebay new. Out in the suburbs the amount of AA or Asian dolls that appeared in the thrift stores was pretty much zilch.

    I did actually finally find these two guys, jointed 'Princes' at separate times. This was 2018---and I was committed to finding any jointed/articulated dolls. The rubber legged boys were so hard to dress for my Grand with their sticky legs.

    Here one of the 'Princes' became James Baldwin for Black History Month.

    It's amazing what one little bit of black tape (for the tooth gap,) and clothes did to capture the author's 'look'.

    Then my AA prince became Jeffrey, a co-worker of Ryan's, who began dating Carly and they are recently engaged.
    The other 'prince', is a background character Dr. Jamal working with Dr. Ken (to be shown later)

    While there are oodles of great playline dolls in every nationality and skin tone under the sun, 4 years ago there weren't many floating around the thrift stores out here.
    I had bought my Jazz Baby 'Colette' with the mysterious backstory---having left Paris after some sort of business/love failure.

    What could be more interesting than a 'lost love' reappearing during Covid to find his lady. I looked for two years to find the right guy for the roll.

    Gerard appeared unexpectedly with a grand piano he jammed into the lobby of the GrandView and starting serenading 'Colette'.

    He was edgy, yet non-threatening(GI Joe's were all scowling)and a 'Fresh-Doll' with expressive articulation, nice wardrobe, but pricey compared to my under $4 thrift store limit.

    Their story has been on hold, but will soon be revived. They have agreed to have a 'business' relationship, he as manager/creative director of her career.

    I still can't find articulated AA's in thrift stores out here, but now they are at least on Ebay, and on order.I have a huge cast of GI Joes, at least ones not scowling. Mattel has done quite the job of diversifying and putting out some great guys, and I do try to buy when they are reduced or on sale.

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