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    Posted by Sandi M in Chicagoland on January 12, 2022, 11:52 am

    For me, my guys are rated for their personalities. Since MOST of my guys are thrift shop finds, some have had a pretty rough life before I get them. This guy definitely needed a hair trim, but those dreamy blue eyes....

    My first guy, picked up for the Grand to play with was Ryan. He's actually my first 'KEN' doll, and he was jointed instead of those rubber bendy legs (hard for a 4 year old to dress-me too.) He has a serious job with the City of Chicago Urban Planning and Renewal office.

    Ryan developed as main character in the HFIM house, where he met Richelle.

    He's a great son for his mom, who is alone, but very independent.

    Richelle and Ryan are perfect together.The became engaged in 2018...yikes, then work, more work, projects and then Covid. It's been a long time to be engaged.

    But, they went home to Richelle's parents to ask for her hand. And we met Todd and Monnie. (Todd is the same doll as Ryan, well, you sorta marry your father???

    Todd's an outdoorsman working for the DNR in Wisconisn, he got a makeover (beard, gray hair and a really different personality) and was the opposite of the studious/serious Ryan.

    Todd took Ryan on a Wisconsin Bar Crawl, well this is what happened to poor Ryan.

    Now,Todd and Monnie visit occasionally. Todd's quite the character.

    He refused to wear a tie to his daughter's wedding.
    But, no one noticed because of the sun glasses, LOL.

    And with the toast, you never know what he might say.

    I think Ryan actually flushed when seeing Richelle walk down the aisle at the wedding.(Not my doing)

    They danced down the aisle...finally married.

    And caught a private moment before the reception.
    Ryan is the perfect leading man, don't you think?

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