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    Posted by Santa's Saucy Suwi on December 17, 2021, 4:32 am


    Now Onto The Bigger Trees

    Christmas tree decorating for dolls is very much like for humans. You can get the overdone ones, the minimalist ones, those that were done when you had drunk one too many mulled wine. The slightly off centre ones done by children (very much like the mulled wine ones.)

    Oh, and don’t forget the minimalist look.

    So I’m not doing any of the above. I'm going for the perfect tree, the one everybody wants LOL! Yeah, right….. but I will do my best.

    If you are short of time, energy or inclination there is nothing wrong with the ready done tree

    Even a ‘finished’ tree can be jazzed up a little, I’ve added an earring to the top of this bottle brush tree.

    The one below comes all finished and ready to go. It did light up but I had an oops moment and forgot to remove the batteries before packing it away. A small issue with acid and I had to cut the box off. I found this tree at a garden centre. It goes with those light up village sets.

    Oops! I forgot to include Tommy Tree in the pictures. He loves to dance but can be a right little sulk if he thinks he is being left out.

    These trees are easy enough to find in DIY or craft stores.

    Once you have your tree the fun begins will you go for…..

    1. A traditional tree of red, green and gold with coloured lights and tinsel?

    2. A tree to match the dolls room or your diorama?

    3. What you can find in the shops or at the back of the cupboard?

    Ready for decorating?


    The Black And Gold Tree

    With mini balls and little ornaments I found in the dollhouse section on EBay. Present wrapping tinsel and a set of mini lights.

    This back tree had a star glued to it last year so it pretty much told me what it wanted to be. Notice the little ornament glued to the star another one of those oops moments. I could cut it off but I'm happy to redress as was.

    When spreading out the branches go around the tree several times to make sure the branches are all out and have them pointing a little upwards (like on a real tree) This not only looks better but will help to hold the ornaments on.

    Start with the lights best turned on and wrap the extra cable around the base. Don’t worry about the box. I will show you easy ways to disguise it at the end. Then add the tinsel if you are going to use tinsel.

    Add your best ornaments first then use balls as fillers. If the tree is going against a wall no need to put anything at the back.

    Next Up A Bottle Brush Tree

    This one also had a star and ornament glued to the top. Really this tree would be fine as it is but I do like my bling so I added some little extras.

    Once again start with the lights. This poor old tree has been knocking around for some years and has become a little battered so I felt I needed to add a little tinsel to fill in the gaps where the tree was out of shape. My little santas were again found in the dollhouse section on EBay.

    Red And Gold Tree

    This tree is pretty plush so no need for extra tinsel. The lights are little Christmas trees and I kept it simple with an assortment of gold balls. I gave this tree an earring topper.

    Black, Red And Silver Tree

    If you want a noticeable swag in your tinsel try glitter tinsel. Bend at the ends so it can hook over the branches and lightly pinch over each branch. Work from the top downwards as you would with lights or normal tinsel. Just in case you run out (I did) do the front first and finish the back afterwards. The tree topper was a gift from last year. I also used red lights.

    Traditional Tree

    Yet another gift this tree comes with it’s own cones. I did think about spraying them silver or gold or giving them a sprinkle of glitter but in the end I thought if I left them as is I can change the tree colours easier. You could of course leave the tree as is and It would look fine. But not me I need my fancy bits!

    TIP: Hoop the end of the lights so they stay put at the top of the tree.

    After stringing up the lights I added a string of fake mini lights

    The bows started life on Christmas crackers (see you can find stuff anywhere) The heads? Sorry I have no idea where they came from but they are fun and for both the bows and the heads I just sat them on the tree.

    When A Tree Goes Wrong

    A diamanté belt as a decoration

    This tree is a strange one. The branches are thin and the tree is very lightweight. The balls are too big and over balance the tree. Nothing about this tree looks right. The balance is all important when dressing a tree.

    Little Silver Tree

    This tree I went for less is more. The decorations are Dollhouse and the lights are seed lights on silver. These little balls have such a tiny string on them they would never hang on the tree. So I used some jewellery wire (silver to match the tree) This one is very thin and can be cut with scissors but if the wire is thicker you will need wire cutters.

    Others that I have are already on a gold string. If I had more time (inclination) I would cut the strings and use the wire so the dangles are closer to the branch and not so… well dangly!

    The topper I attached with blue-tack.

    Pink And Purple Tree

    For this tree I used purple gift tinsel white lights and hand made decorations. I love these. They were a gift from a few years back, for the topper I used a large earring.

    How To Make Your Own Decorations

    What you will need

    Earring hooks and/or Earring pins

    Jewellery wire


    Jewellery pliers

    Beads and/or old earrings

    Old broken earring(s) thread with wire twist at end

    Simple just hook on the tree. Look for cheap earrings in places like Claire’s, junk, second hand stores or your jewellery box.

    Use a jewellery pin and add bead/s. Then using jewellery pliers bend end into hook

    Wire… Cut wire about 2 inches long, thread bead to centre and give wire a twist.

    Pinch wire together and thread beads

    Twist wire into a circle, wires do not need to be perfect as you won't be able to see them on the tree

    A few beads that I found that I think would look good on a tree. The little metal ones on the right with a bit of a fiddle could even fit onto lights maybe?

    When making your own decorations the world is your Lobster!

    A few ideas on how to hide those light boxes

    In a box

    Under a tree skirt, this one was a gift but try Christmas stores, DIY shops or Craft shops.

    Or simply stand the tree on it

    Parcel ideas

    These are for hanging on trees just cut of the little hanging threads (can be reused when hanging your home-made baubles)

    I collect little boxes from all over any small box can be made to work, just add a bow!

    The two blue boxes I just added a small bow (above) If gift wrapping make sure the pattern is in scale. I had a small piece of paper left over that I rolled to look like paper waiting to be used.

    A Few Doll And Tree Displays From Past Years


    Below some pictures of a couple of trees in their homes

    Happy Decorating and I hope I’ve been able to give you a few ideas

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