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    Posted by Santa's Saucy Suwi on December 14, 2021, 12:27 pm

    Almost forgot to post this, I'm just cooking dinner as it's my dad's 91st birthday today

    Christmas trees

    Christmas trees that will work for our dolls are as numerous as they are for humans. My glamorous assistants for this project are Jonnie and Briere.

    Snow Covered Trees

    The tiny trees are dollhouse trees middle sized are cake toppers and the larger trees are just shelf decorations.

    Silver Trees

    The little trees are for dinner party name places.

    Fun Trees

    These ones are already decorated.

    Light up Trees

    Great fun and good for mini dioramas.

    More Trees

    The green trees are candles.

    Trees For Dressing

    A Tree for All Occasions


    What To Use And Where To Find Decorations

    Tree Toppers And Dangly Things

    Finding a topper can be the hardest bit, think outside of the box and look for suitable ornaments. Mostly it’s stars and angels, Jonnie has found an Angel topper that was a gift a couple of years ago from an American friend on her head is a parcel bow. Icicles and stars can be fun but whatever you use remember they need to be lightweight as Briere demonstrates. The mini baubles I found in the wrapping section have fun boxes and bows that can be made into gifts to go under your finished tree(s). The red and white decorations are from the 80’s and would give that retro look hanging from the ceiling.

    Look for Dollhouse Christmas decorations they will often work as they can be on the large size for dollhouses. Beading and items for decorating parcels will work well as will craft items for decorating cards.

    Tinsel and Chains And Lights

    Lights are two a penny these days and can be found anywhere that Christmas goodies are sold. These ones are all battery powered.

    These girls are having way too much fun demonstrating all this. Mini wired tinsel, small strings of beads, pipe cleaners if it’s small and sparkly it will most likely work!


    So now onto the HOW TO'S and maybe the HOW NOT TO'S

    I have a bunch of mini trees that I thought would look good decorated. The sort of trees you would find in the cake baking department, Dollhouse or a craft store.

    Over the years I have amassed quite a collection of bits and bobs…. beads, pompoms, sequins, diamantés and a ton of glitter.

    Tools Required

    Craft glue and Nail Art Rhinestones Beads Gems Picking Picker Pencil Pen Tool Thingy! These pencil things are about £1 ($1) and can be found in craft store or EBay. OK, so it’s not that you can’t do this without the pencil it’s just a lot easier.

    For the pompoms, larger beads etc you can use fingers but the little beads and diamantés the pencil is a big help. It has a sort of tacky nib and can pick up the little stones that fingers are just too big for.

    The pompoms I feel are a little big but hey-ho it’s got a fun look I think.

    Pom Poms

    Mini Stars

    The stars are like mini sequins and can be found in craft departments


    I put these mini beads on in little groups so they show up better in the first picture and added a sequin star to the top. Bigger beads are added individually and I found this little gold star in the jewellery making section at my craft store.


    Dab on the glue and leave a minute then sprinkle with glitter (I used nail art glitter as it’s very fine)


    Although the sticky-back diamantés can be used they do fall off very easily so loose gems in this case work better. My mini loose gems I bought from Avon (in the sale) are nail art gems.

    When adding the tree toppers they can be a little heavy so I lay mine down propped up on a bead box to keep it flat. Above are all on the tiny trees.

    Slightly Bigger Tree

    For this tree I used a mix of pom poms and clear beads. I added two flat back stars to the top having glued them together first.

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